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Morris Legal Services offers a comprehensive range of legal services. We serve the needs of our clients in various fields, as a representative in various legal matters.

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In Lieu of Guarantor

We act as a guarantor for when applying for your passport. When you do not have , or are unable to meet requirements for a guarantor we can act as a qualified guarantor.

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Signature Witness

As some legal documents require a witness signature. Signature witnessing allows documents to be enforceable. Verifying and solidifying your document or contract.

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Travel Authorization

In addition to requirements set by travel authorities, a travel consent form, notarized by a licensed notary public, may be necessary to meet travel requirements.

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Certify Copies of Documents

Copies of primary documents which are endorsed or certified, that it is a true copy of the primary or original document.

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Documents are notarized as sworn Affidavits once the intended purpose for signing the document has been acknowledged. We ensure the validity of the signature and that is was voluntary.

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Document Notarization

We certify the authenticity of documents, to ensure they can be trusted by authorities.

Legal Services

Legal services that make a difference.

Your situation is unique and we are committed to understanding your needs, and finding the most efficient ways in dealing with your legal matter.

Our services include small claims proceedings.We represent our clients on matters in small claims court. If you have an issue that is suitable for small claims court, please contact us.

We are handling many provincial offence matters. Provincial offences are offences under the Provincial Offences Act. We represent our clients on matters in front of the provincial court.

You can get the legal support you need to resolve your contract disputes and enforce any agreements, or defend them if they are breached.. We help our clients, and you work with a lawyer during your contract disputes.

 We understand the needs of clients and the techniques required to recover money owed to them. We recognize the importance of your money and will work with you to recover accounts receivables.

We provide representation from legal counsel who actually understands landlord and tenant law, as well as the human aspect of representing landlords.

About Us

Authentication and Legalization

Morris Legal Services provide legal service and support that complies with regulatory standards, certifying copies of documents, and performing other notarial acts. We perform a fundamental role, acting as a notary public for important signatures and documents. As well as a range of legal services, such as small claims court, provincial offences, contract disputes, debt collection, and landlord-tenant disputes.

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Notary public wax stamper. White envelope with brown wax seal, golden stamp. Responsive design

What makes us different? We are a firm that is driven by purpose. Our mission is to help people in their time of need. We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality legal advice and representation possible. Whether you are a lawyer or paralegal, we have opportunities for you.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about helping others, have a desire to grow within their profession, and believe in our values: being honest, ethical, transparent and committed to excellence.

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